34 minutes | May 22nd 2020

Expanding The Definition of Creativity | Chris Ballew on Fatherhood, Raising Creative Kids

How do you define creativity? If we encourage our kids to be creative, will they be more successful in life? Adam and Marc explore the topic of creativity with Chris Ballew, lead singer of Presidents of the United States of America, creator of Caspar Babypants, and, dare we say, friend of the show. Also, the trials of talking to our kids about how to say no when something feels off. And what was Marc's childhood buffoonery that should have cursed him with gingivitis for life?

Episode 17 opens with a discussion on... you guessed it: creativity. Why is it important? How is it useful? How does teaching and encouraging creativity as dads help our kids in the long run? The guys waste no time introducing a guest who is celebrated frequently on the show, and who is a supremely creative being: Chris Ballew. A father of two, Chris shares stories of his stately tenure with Presidents of the United States of America, his time writing, recording, and performing Caspar Babypants, and of course, being a dad. Born to a line of musicians and immersed in music and art since birth, Augie and Josie Ballew have creativity in their blood. Now in their 20s, Chris explains how they have used that creativity to carve their own paths. Chris shares a personal philosophy on giving your children the tools for success and then releasing them into the world—but confesses that in his own experience, letting go is easier said than done. Other conversation topics include:

•  Involving your kids in your own creativity
•  How to encourage creativity in your kids when you’re not an inherently creative person
•  The Ballew kids' involvement in Caspar songwriting and shows
•  Chris’ recent fatherhood joys and challenges
•  Letting your creation run free
•  The future of Caspar Babypants

In an installment of So That’s a Thing Now, Adam chronicles his six year old daughter’s curiosity around “red flags” and “green flags” as described in a book by Zack and Kimberly King.

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