36 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Do Twin Dads Do It Better? | Shaw Flick on the Joys and Challenges of Raising Twins

Does being a parent to twins simply mean two of everything? There are certainly twice as many diapers to change, two bladders to potty train, and double the tears during teething. But to twin parents, the emotional impact and physical toll often feels more than double… it feels exponential. In this episode, Adam and Marc welcome Shaw Flick, a fellow dad of twins, to examine the unique challenges that twin parents endure. Also, Marc and his wife try not to bust a gut when their three-year-old son puts them in their place, in an installment of So That’s a Thing Now. Adam and Marc open the show by catching up on Marc’s new Disney+ subscription, and Marc shares an update to one of his recent Confessions regarding a bouncy ball from hell which made a brief comeback recently, before being permanently banned from the Checket household.The guys welcome creative copywriter and father of twin daughters, Shaw Flick, into the conversation. Shaw is a co-worker of Marc’s, though living in Portland, Oregon, they have only meet and collaborated virtually. As fathers of three-year-old twins, Marc and Shaw have plenty of twin-dad experiences to compare and contrast. Topics of the conversation include:•  The annoying things that people call out when they see twins•  Shaw’s history as the front man of the band Ra Ra Riot•  The unique set of challenges that twin parents are faced with•  The chaos of newborn multiples•   Encouraging individuality•  How to address when one twin takes on an alpha role•   Twin parent camaraderie•   And morePost-interview, Marc shares a So That’s a Thing Now which finds him getting scolded by one of his boys (and trying not to laugh when it happens). [Episode transcript] Links:Shaw Flick (LinkedIn)Shaw Flick (Instagram)Ra Ra RiotRed Vault AudioStuffed Animal (Marc's musical project)Caspar BabypantsSpencer Albee
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