35 minutes | Oct 9th 2020

Deconstructing The Dad Bod | PappaStrong's Courtney Wyckoff On Fatherhood Physique

The Dad Bod: Is it a myth? A legend? A joke? Does it happen to all dads? How can we avoid it? Or better yet, how can we effectively combat if we choose to? Modern Dadhood welcomes its first female guest, Courtney Wyckoff, to the conversation. Courtney’s success as a Certified Personal Trainer and the creator of MommaStrong/PappaStrong gives her unique insight into some of the real underlying issues that spawn postpartum changes in dads’ bodies. Spoiler alert: it’s more than just having a “beer gut.” Plus, we survey our favorite fatherhood Facebook group to hear first hand what factors led to their dad bods.

Episode 28 of Modern Dadhood wastes no time getting into the theme of the conversation: the common shift in male physique that occurs in the months or years after becoming a father—a phenomenon widely known as the “dad bod.” Adam and Marc explore definitions of the slang phrase while swapping stories of their own challenges making health a priority upon becoming fathers. Adam welcomes the first woman (and mom) to the podcast; the phenomenal Courtney Wyckoff, creator of the MammaStrong and PappaStrong exercise programs, mom of three, and total badass. Courtney challenges the idea that the “dad bod” is just about allowing ourselves to eat too much junk or drink too much beer, but rather that there are physical, mental, and emotional stressors that come with fatherhood which can manifest physically—and that returning to exercise, even in 15 minute-per-day increments, can help facilitate a return to strength and health. Other conversation topics include:

•  Body image in men vs. women
•  Redefining what it means to be “strong”
•  Common structural issues in men
• Anchor points of the body
•  Do men have a “pelvic floor?”
•  The secret to habit building
•  Finding the motivation to start
•  Ignoring the “bully voice” in your head

The guys check in with their favorite fatherhood-themed Facebook group to take a poll on the driving factors of their change in physique. Unsurprisingly, the most cited reasons centered around time management and food consumption. (Surprisingly, there were many other unexpected answers as well!)

[Episode Transcript]

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