33 minutes | Nov 6th 2020

Daredevil Dad | Peter Shankman on ADHD, Skydiving, and Fatherhood

Remember life before kids? We did things a certain way, we went places, we stayed up late, had hobbies, and some of us were even thrill seekers. Did that change when kids came into the picture? Or were you able to strike a balance between caring for kids and doing things for you? Peter Shankman, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, Ironman triathlete, and single dad, joins the show to talk about his experiences with balancing things in his “Faster Than Normal” life. Plus, in a new installment of So That’s a Thing Now we learn about the latest questionable thing Marc has inadvertently taught his kids to say. (Or perhaps it wasn’t so inadvertent after all.) Stick around until the tail end of this one for a special treat.

Episode 30 of Modern Dadhood debuts just shy of a week after Halloween, which for most of us, looked very different in 2020 than any Halloween we’ve experienced in the past. Marc and Adam begin by discussing their socially distanced fright nights and Adam’s pathetic, insatiable sugar addiction. Adam poses to Marc: “Growing up, did your parents have hobbies or habits that, even as a kid, you recognized were dangerous?” Marc goes on to share about his father’s woodworking hobby, and the machinery sounds which haunted a young Marc as he tried to fall asleep. When the discussion turns to risky or dangerous hobbies that we ourselves enjoy, Adam shares about his love for skydiving, a daredevil activity which he has abstained from since becoming a father. The guys welcome Peter Shankman to the Modern Dadhood conversation. Peter is a father to a seven-year-old daughter in addition to being a social media expert, a keynote speaker, an author, a podcaster, and yes, a fellow skydiver. Peter shares his technique for balancing work, play, and fatherhood, while remaining clear-headed and productive all the while. Other topics include:

•  Making time for what’s important to you
•  Making ADHD work to your advantage
•  Skydiving and dopamine
•  Coming back from the dead to haunt people
•  The danger of complacency (in all aspects of your life)
•  Eliminating choice
•  Finding effective routines

Post-interview, Marc shares a proud dad moment in a mad-as-a-hatter installment of “So That’s A Thing Now.” You might stick around until the tail end of the episode to hear the theme song that accompanies Marc’s groin-themed story.

[Episode Transcript]

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