35 minutes | Sep 11th 2020

Crying Over Spilt Milk | Scotty Iseri on Strengthening Social-Emotional Skills In Kids And Their Dads

Social-emotional learning, mindfulness, soft skills, emotional intelligence— call it what you want. Learning how to understand and deal with emotions plays a significant role in our ability to handle all varieties of problems we face throughout our lives. In this episode, we get into the nitty-gritty with Scotty Iseri, father of a 7-year-old son and fellow podcaster, on the true value of social-emotional learning (SEL) in school and at home. Also, we test out a new drinking game and encounter a commode-themed mystery in the Flaherty household.

Episode 26 of Modern Dadhood opens with a conversation about the emotional effects of quarantine on our kids. Adam shares about his daughters spent their Summer, and how their experience likely differs from that of an only child. Despite kids, generally speaking, being resilient little beings, the current state of the world is different than anything they (or we) have ever experienced, so it shouldn't be a surprise that there could be some behavioral side effects.

The guys welcome to the conversation Scotty Iseri, a father of one 7-year-old son. Scotty works at Committee for Children, and hosts a podcast called The Imagine Neighborhood, among many other unique talents and experiences. And he also deeply understands the importance of social-emotional learning. Scotty teaches us that the social-emotional conversation impacts everyone regardless of age, sex, or whether they're a child or parent. Topics of conversation include:

•  It's just as important for us as fathers as it is for our kids, to understand and manage our emotions
•  Learning how to redirect our energy
• Teaching ourselves to be okay with big emotions
•  Social-emotional growth and strengthening isn't inherent - it takes work
•  How schools are starting to place importance on these skills
•  Tips for dads when these conversations don't come naturally
•  The rise of kindness and empathy

Adam shares a So That's a Thing Now concerning his daughters' deuces before the episode comes to close.

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