54 minutes | Apr 24th 2021

Lena Shareef wants (to tell) a good story

All of a sudden, it was such an “us VS them” rhetoric - and I realized I was part of the ‘them’.” Lena Shareef grew up grew up in a lot of places - Pakistan, the Ukraine, and the Midwest. She’s currently making the internet do things @ National Geographic - having studied video production and journalism. Along the way she co-founded GIRLWITHABOOK, which advocates for girls' education, which she believes is one of the best solutions to climate change and poverty. When she's not battling Internet trolls at her day-job or trying to convince the world of the importance of equality, feminism, and representation (none of which are really that hard), she's devouring books, movies, and TV shows, and then naturally writing/venting about them on Medium and even HER podcast “Grounded Geeks’ which she co-hosts with her brother (ALSO - her dad is pretty cool and wrote an awesome book...just ask Raman). At the end of the day, all Lena wants is just a really good story... LEARN ABOUT LENA: @LenaShareef Girlwithabookrising.com anchor.fm/grounded-geeks MENTIONS COMICS: Ms.Marvel (Kamala Khan): wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamala_Khan TV: Warrior (HBO Max): imdb.com/title/tt5743796 PERSON: Jason Tobin (Young Jun on “Warrior”) - imdb.com/name/nm0864937 PERSON: Chris Evans - imdb.com/name/nm0262635
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