63 minutes | Jun 4, 2019

Tim Sinnott | Positive Psychology

What's up folks!  This was a super fun episode.  I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with my buddy Tim Sinnott about Positive Psychology.  Pos Psychology is a very effective tool and I just love its overall perspective.  Tim covers the 5 fundamentals of it and their role in a clinical setting.   Tim is an LMFT and LAADC-r, as well as the clinical director at Elevate. #mindfulness #addicitonrecovery #holistic #positivepsychology #psychology    To get in touch with Tim: tsinnott@elevaterehab.org To get in touch with Jeremy: jmiller@elevaterehab.org For more on Elevate: www.elevaterehab.org For more on Northern California's Premier Addiction Conference:  www.modality2019.com
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