45 minutes | May 27, 2019

Lindsey Locke | Healing both body and mind with fitness

On this week's episode Lindsay and I dive deep into the role fitness can play in addiction recovery.  We talk about the importance of setting manageable goals, checking your ego at the door, and the corollary between mental gains and physical gains.  Her role as fitness director allows her to incorporate holistic healing and body work to a clinical setting, offering people a chance to work out as much as they work IN.  Lindsey is a level two crossfit coach and has been in the health and fitness field for nearly a decade.  She's currently pursuing her masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is incredibly passionate about helping people overcome difficulties in their lives.    For more on Elevate Addiction Services: www.elevaterehab.org For more on Northern California's Premier Addiction Conference: www.modality2019.com    
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