50 minutes | May 27, 2019

Joe Clements | Mindfulness, Awareness, and Emotions

On this week's episode I sat down and got Mindful with Santa Cruz native, Joe Clements.  Joe talks about vulnerability, being who you really are, and using present time awareness to soften difficult emotions, mind states, and situations.  Joe's perspective is incredibly unique and humble.  Sometimes with Mindfulness and meditation it can feel out of our reach.  Joe's attitude and practice are what he calls "street level dharma" wherein he offers tools and strategies to practice Mindfulness in every day life.  Using Mindfulness and meditation in an addiction recovery setting is extremely beneficial and I love what he says about what it offers people in recovery.   Joe Clements has been facilitating his Mindfulness Based Recovery Groups for years at various treatment programs in Northern California.  He facilities both client and STAFF groups at Elevate and the results have been phenomenal.  He's gearing up to launch his own podcast and YouTube so we'll be sure to keep you all posted, how exciting! #mindfulness #addicitonrecovery #holistic  Fore more on Joe Clements (instagram) @_joe.clements_ For more on Elevate: www.elevaterehab.org For more on Northern California's Premier Addiction Conference:  www.modality2019.com  
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