44 minutes | Aug 2, 2020

Optimizing iOS workflows with Marcos Griselli

In the fourth episode of Mobile DevOps is a thing! we talked to Marcos Griselli about all things iOS: the community, how he’s optimizing his workflows, and his best practices for releasing great apps. In this episode Marcos is an iOS developer and open-source contributor from Argentina. As an active member of the Swift community in Buenos Aires, he co-organizes the SwiftBA meetups. Last year, along with Josefina Bustamante and Facundo Menzella, he also organized Swiftable, the very first English-language iOS conference in South America. In this episode, among many other topics, you’ll hear some hands-on advice on automating mobile CI processes, automatic versioning, release strategies, and smart testing based on code changes. We also talked a bit about his open-source projects and his thoughts on WWDC and the future of the Apple ecosystem. You can find out more about Marcos on his Twitter page or check out his past and current projects at mar.codes. Timestamps: Swiftable & iOS community in South America 01:50 Open-source contributions: 07:04 Managing Swift libraries: 11:54 Release strategies, testing, & user feedback: 15:55 Running iPad and iPhone apps on Mac: 24:20 Collaboration & DevOps: 26:54 Thoughts on WWDC: 31:06 Learning recommendations: 38:57
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