74 minutes | Sep 11, 2020

Fintech, Flutter, and tech leadership with GDE Mariano Zorrilla

In this episode of Mobile DevOps is a thing!, we talked to Mariano Zorrilla about fintech, building apps in Flutter, and his journey from a small town in Argentina to Silicon Valley. In this episode Mariano is a Tech Lead at Venmo, where he manages a team of mobile and backend server-side engineers. He is a passionate member of the Flutter community: besides recently becoming a Google Developer Expert, he also founded — and gives talks at — the San Francisco Cross-Platform SFXP meetups, where developers share knowledge and experiences in cross-platform development. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear some of Mariano’s thoughts on the current and future trends in mobile finance and banking. We discussed his experiences of leading a product-focused team, which of his previous jobs helped him become a better manager, and why he believes that soft skills are often more important than hard skills. He also shared the story about the beginning of his career as a developer and how it all started with him being the only person who knew how to code in a small town in the Argentinian countryside — to now working for one of the biggest fintech companies in the U.S. You can find out more about Mariano on his Twitter or check out his Flutter projects on his Github here.
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