59 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

App Performance Monitoring with Rasmus Larsson

In this episode, we talked to Rasmus Larsson about new technologies from App Performance Monitoring to building engaging apps for sports fans, and integrating Augmented Reality or App Clips into iOS apps. Rasmus is the Product Strategy Director at Pulselive, a Sony company that has been crafting digital experiences to connect teams, leagues, and sports federations to their fans for over a decade. The mobile team’s main motivation is to continuously build the best possible sports apps with the best UI, the best UX, built on the best code. They are doing all these things for an impressive list of clients, including AFL, Premier League, or Liverpool FC. In this episode, we talked about how App Performance Monitoring tools can serve as a safety net by helping mobile teams notice bugs before users can. By diagnosing deep-level performance problems, APMs also help teams detect code change mistakes that can potentially cost thousands of dollars. We also discussed the special expectations sports fans have when it comes to mobile apps, what the best ways are to engage them, and how Augmented Reality can help create more immersive experiences and impact the ways we watch games, interact with our phones, and each other in the future. You can find out more about Rasmus on his LinkedIn profile or check out more Pulselive projects on their website.
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