85 minutes | May 23, 2019

MMO 30: Juicy Vs. His Bachelor Party

The boys are together again in the same room. This time in New Jersey! Why New Jersey? Because Juicy just had to move and get married there. They talk the upcoming fight on the night of Juicy's wedding, Leo gets too drunk, a new friend makes an appearance on the podcast, and we witness the brief (but always delightful) return of Steven Amendola. It's all in person and weeks overdue. Twitter: @mmopodcast for the show. @aaronishjackson for Juicy and @a_m_dodson for Andrew. Instagram, for highlights from Juicy's bachelor party: @a_m_dodson and click on the @aaronishjackson highlight reel. Email: themmopodcast@gmail.com If you leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, Juicy will fight you, MMA-style for 30 seconds. By the way, that happens on this episode.  
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