36 minutes | Jul 23, 2015

Real Business Success With James Schramko

James Schramko is many things. In fact if you were to use one word to describe him it would be "prolific". With over 62,000 listeners subscribed to just one of his podcasts (he's got five) you'd think he's like so many online success stories, full of great stories about how following your passion or failing till you succeed is what got him where he is today. You might expect a great inspirational interview with a story of struggling and succeeding and general feel-good quotes. You'd be wrong. There's no magic mindset or secret trick, no hero's story. This interview is solid reality. If you want to get financial freedom or learn how to market a business then listen up because this one is for you. We talk content marketing, setting up affiliate income, setting up membership forums (like I described in Tim Reid's interview) the correct way to think about sales, how to get more business as a graphic designer, how to get more leads as a Mortgage Broker, how to sell your art and how to find the right content marketing platform for you. So much value, so many tactics, zero fluffy stuff. If you can't find a way to make more money or improve your business after listening to this you need to listen again and again until it all sinks in. Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes Mentioned in this Episode (click to view):SuperFast Business Podcast (Regular tactical tips)Think Act Get (Mindset and productivity With Ezra Firestone)Sales Marketing Profit (Hardcore tactics and case studies With Taki Moore)Freedom Ocean (Starting online businesses with Tim Reid)SuperFast BusinessSuperFast Business Membership Community (Incredible online training forum)Tim Reid The post Real Business Success With James Schramko appeared first on Mixed Business Magazine.
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