46 minutes | Jul 7, 2015

John McIntyre – Entrepreneur’s Journey

John McIntyre was a smart kid, exams were easy and his schooling was better than most... So why did he drop out of high school and leave for the Philippines with $2000 in his pocket and carry-on bag? John isn't (conventionally) famous, he hasn't written a book (yet) but there is no better case study for the "maybe-someday" entrepreneurs out there. This isn't a dream tale of following your passion or lucky breaks, it's the meat and potatoes of entrepreneurial experience. Listen up! From broke in the Philippines to sailing around Necker Island with Branson and living anywhere and everywhere he chooses. This is how you nail location-independent lifestyle by building a business based around following a skill that solves a problem, packaging that skill into products, building a niche brand or reputation and developing a virtual team to support you. The guy doesn't even write his own emails anymore! Mentioned in this episode:The McMethodEmail Marketing PodcastDropDeadCopyNecker IslandPodcasting as a Marketing Channel The post John McIntyre – Entrepreneur’s Journey appeared first on Mixed Business Magazine.
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