71 minutes | Nov 11, 2020

MissMurder The Jealous B!tches Episode

Whats up Tribe? Here's the latest installment of murder mayhem and booty junk, for your listening pleasure-ish. Kitsie Covers the Story of That Bitch Ciara Harp and how she was caught when the victim video taped their murder, oh and then her own mom read her the riot act from the stand. Heather brings us that old timey goddess like only she can, when she tells us the horrific tale of Tilly KIimeck, and we can't lie, we'd have totally hung out with this one! Moronic Misconduct has police fishing a $20 bill and a crack pipe out of some chicks ass.  You can't make this stuff up people.   flow.page/MissMurder for the good stuff
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