30 minutes | Jun 26th 2020

Episode 106.5 - Coming Attractions - Zoom Chaos and an Alternate Universe

Joe is alone, but didn't want to settle for his loneliness, so he opened up a Zoom meeting to the people of Twitter. He meets some interesting characters, but then meets an actual listener and turns the episode into an interview with her. He announces the next movie with a connection to next week's festivities and warns that there may be an audible, depending on Todd's return to the show. THEN... when the recording was over, the sd card on which the episode was recorded got corrupted before Joe could transfer the file to his computer. The recording was thought to be lost. So he bitterly recorded another episode without the fun Zoom stuff or the will to live. THEN... He figured out how to recover the original file, which you are listening to presently. We will, however, be providing the alternate version of this podcast on Monday so you can experience the light and dark side of Joe. Stay tuned.
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