55 minutes | Aug 9th 2020

Binge Watchers On The Wall - S02E04 - Garden of Bones - "Very Very Varied"

Joe and Todd start this commentary by doing something confusing. The pitch the idea of the podcast having a new name for the podcast. We can explain: Joe and Todd had originally envisioned this as a bonus podcast, but an official offshoot of Miscast Commentary. They recorded well into season 2 before the first episode was released, so while you have known this show to be Binge Watchers on the Wall since the beginning, past Joe and Todd have no idea. The guys discuss having to loot dead bodies to get more weapons, a new character portrayed by a woman with an interesting genealogy and react to Tyrion's prescription for Joffrey's rage. Todd gets an education on the Tyrell family and Harrenhal. They discuss the back story of Lady Stark and Little Finger. They explore some pretty hardcore torture in Westeros. Joe explains the proper succession of the crown and Todd gets his first look at Qarth. They witness one of the scariest birth scenes in TV History.
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