54 minutes | Jun 28th 2020

Binge Watchers on the Wall - S02E03 - What is Dead May Never Die - "Because I'm An Adult"

Joe and Todd talk about the risks that companies take to take on adaptations like this to start off their commentary of Season 2, Episode 3, What Is Dead May Never Die. In light of Bran's dreams, Joe shares a strange one that he had recently. Joe talks about the lower budgets of earlier HBO Projects and they reflect on some other series that they enjoyed. Joe wishes that actors could bring the skills from their other movie characters into new projects. Bathroom etiquette in Westeros is discussed. Todd reveals which members of Marvel's Defenders had gay roles before they became Defenders. Todd doesn't know, but he has foreshadowed some major events in the show. Joe explains how the TV Show passed the book's story and started telling their own version of the story. Joe pitches a spin-off based solely on the Night's Watch.
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