46 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

Challenging Times Lie Ahead for the Platform for Progress

Hopes were running high for the Platform for Progress following the local elections in November as there were clear signs that the Platform was indeed becoming a political force, a power broker, in Bosnian politics.  However, events of recent have cast a bit of a shadow on the new enthusiasm as the strategizing for the 2022 general elections had already begun.  There were already plans underway to restructure some of the personnel within the Platform, which in itself was causing some personnel issues.  However, one of the top members of the presidential governing board handed in his resignation as well as some other members of the Platform.  There has been a defection by at least one Platform member who was elected to a city council seat.  And with all of this the mudslinging against Mirsad and the Platform has begun in earnest both internally and externally.  I recently spoke with Mirsad about these troubling and challenging times and what lies ahead.
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