34 minutes | Apr 13th 2020

Episode 33: Sensory triggers: The influence the senses have on perception and emotional response

In this episode, Mintel experts discuss the power the senses - specifically smell and taste - have on the human experience. As the world becomes more digital, how are food, drink, beauty, and personal care brands adapting their innovation and messaging strategies to engage the senses and elicit emotion? Certain scents or tastes can transport consumers to a different place or time and evoke a strong memory (you're thinking about one right now, aren't you?). This can be a powerful tool for brands to wield - when done correctly. Join us to find out more! Host: Andrew McDougall (Associate Director, Global Beauty and Personal Care) Guests: Ayisha Koyenikan (Global Food and Drink Analyst), Margaux Caron (Global Beauty Analyst)