44 minutes | Oct 2, 2018

Ep 026 : Anxious Rebel Story - You Don't Need To Wait To Hit Rock Bottom To Seek Help w/ Bek Williams

Bek opens up about her history with extreme anxiety and talks to us about how we don't need to wait to hit rock bottom before we reach out and seek for help.  She talks to us about ways to make conversations around mental health more accessible and mainstream and shows us how there is absolutely no need to be ashamed about anything that we may suffer with from a mental health standpoint.  You can find Bek using the links below: Website: itsbekwilliams Instagram: itsbekwilliams Facebook: Bek Williams FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Is it Stress? Or do you have Anxiety? Work With Reva: FREE 15 min one-on-one trial Follow me on the 'gram for more anxiety-related tips: @mintchiprebel
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