45 minutes | Jul 30, 2018

Ep 019 : Anxious Rebels Story - Betrayal Trauma mimics PTSD w/ Kaitlan Hardin

Here’s what’s happening on The Anxious Rebels podcast going forward. I am so excited to start bringing you some amazing stories from some amazing people, who have been through and are currently going through so much, but are focusing on moving past what has happened to them and learning to not only survive and cope, but to thrive in their lives. Going forward, you can expect to hear multiple stories, that I hope, will inspire you to give yourself more grace and allow you to continue to move forward in your life like a bad ass. I will also continue to have episodes that are career and business related, and that is because I am passionate about showing you that we can have successful, and fulfilling careers, without having to sacrifice our mental health for it. In today’s episode, you are going to meet Kaitlan Hardin. She is a single mom to 3 little girls and has suffered from trauma induced anxiety for the past few years. She has been in recovery from Betrayal Trauma for 2 years now. She talks to us about what betrayal trauma is and how her life story unfolds. I have a feeling that this is going to be an eye opener for some of you out there, and if you find yourself resonating with pieces of Kaitlan’s story, reach out and ask for help. Kaitlan's info: Instagram: @aspen.warrior The Aspen Soul Retreat (click here) FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Is it Stress? Or do you have Anxiety? Work With Reva: FREE 15 min one-on-one trial Follow me on the 'gram for more anxiety-related tips: @mintchiprebel
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