66 minutes | Aug 2nd 2017

#031 Getting The Sales Pitch Right With Cosmetics Entrepreneur Stevie Newman

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Stevie Newman is the founder of C.A.K.E Cosmetics, a makeup brand designed for ladies with Indian, Caribbean and African skin tones. C.A.K.E has made it their mission to offer women with darker skin tones an affordable option when it comes to cosmetics.

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Main points of discussion
  • An introduction to Stevie Newman
Key points you will learn
  • An introduction to Stevie Newman
  • We get an insight to C.A.K.E Cosmetics
  • Stevie shares her first business steps after studying
  • How the first C.A.K.E product was chosen
  • We learn about the market challenges C.A.K.E was trying to solve
  • Stevie shares how she knew her product would solve these challenges
  • How to find customers to test your product
  • We learn how to get honest product feedback from friends and family
  • Why being patient can be beneficial to your business
  • How to officially test your new product, if you plan to make cosmetics
  • How to pick a great cosmetics manufacturer
  • Stevie shares what it was like to receive her first product
  • How to start selling your product, and the benefits of PR
  • Why you should not use photo filters on your Instagram posts
  • What it’s like to provide products for other cultures
  • How to pitch to a major high street retailer like Superdrug
  • Why you need to know the lead time of your products
  • How influencers can help your pitch
  • We find out, how much money Stevie used to launch her business
  • Stevie talks about who she takes inspiration from.
  • How to balance a 9 – 5 job, while starting a business
  • Why it is important to take time out, and not to over work
  • Stevies shares what she wishes she knew before she started her business
  • We learn why it is important to promote your crowd funding campaign
  • Why you should build an email list, and how to get email subscribers.
Key points you will learn
  • How to use market feedback, to decide on your first product
  • Why you should not use photo filters on your Instagram posts
  • How to pitch to a major high street retailer like Superdrug
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