58 minutes | Mar 31st 2017

#017: Danielle McDonald Shares How Transparency Helps to Build an Authentic Brand Story

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Danielle McDonald is The Clarity Architect and Founder of Brands of Colour. She is dedicated to helping individuals gain clarity, develop the right mindset and take action for results. Danielle is known as “The Clarity Architect” for being on-target, succinct, concise and to the point.

In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )
  • [02:17] An introduction to Danielle McDonald
  • [02:50] Danielle shares her inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur
  • [06:54] We learn the steps Danielle took, to get recognition is her previous job role.
  • [09:00] How to find the courage to be entrepreneurial in your job role
  • [10:15] Danielle shares when she realised that she had to try something new in her career
  • [11:30] What is a mastermind, and how can it help you with your goals
  • [13:00] We find out one of Danielle’s’ biggest mistakes in business, and what she learnt from it
  • [14:40] Do you need to be passionate about your business?
  • [16:00] How to know what your purpose is
  • [16:50] We find out how Brands of Colour came to be what it is today
  • [21:40] How Brands of Colour helps different brands
  • [23:35] How transparency helps to build an authentic story for your brand
  • [27:10] We learn more about about webinars and their benefits
  • [33:00] We find out what is working for Danielle in promoting her business
  • [34:10] When to start monetising your business
  • [35:30] How to get prospects or potential partners to take you seriously, without a website or any evidence to back up your claims
  • [36:37] Danielle talks about her Entrepreneurial award
  • [37:21] What to do when you get no replies when prospecting
  • [39:10] Danielle talks about mistakes in business
  • [41:30] How Danielle tackled one of her biggest challenges
  • [45:00] We find out who inspires Danielle
  • [46:45] What it means to invest in yourself
  • [48:10] How courses can save you time
  • [51:08] Why you should do business for free
  • [55:40] How to get started with webinars
Key points you will learn
  • How transparency helps to build an authentic story for your brand
  • How to get prospects or partners to take you seriously before you have anything to show them
  • How to get started with webinars
Links and resources mentioned Homework

If you are sitting on an idea that you have not started yet, take action on your idea within 48 hours by doing just one thing towards getting you to the next step.

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