14 minutes | Dec 22, 2019

Story: Depression and a Cat Called Doris

In this short episode I tell an autobiographical story about depression and a cat called Doris.  As humans we like to share stories, and when it comes to mental health and wellbeing being able to share our stories is so valuable. When we can discover the gift in seemingly negative experiences (trust me, there is always a gift buried in there somewhere) and share our story it becomes a powerful healing tool, not only for us as the storyteller but also for those listening. It stops being our own story and reenters the sea of human experience. It helps people to feel less alone in their experience and to realise that we all experience life in a different way.  I hope you enjoy the story... If you enjoy the podcasts then please do support me on Patreon to enable me to continue to create. The music during the intro and outro was made especially for me by the very talented Graeme Walker To find out more about my journey with storytelling and mental health visit the Ministry of Change website You can now also leave me voice mails directly through the Anchor App - if you'd like to share a short story about yourself, some feedback or anything else relating to the show then please do. I'd love to feature some on the show if all goes well.
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