34 minutes | Nov 24, 2019

Ani Lhamo: Buddhism, Compassion and Loving Kindness

This episode features a conversation I had with Ani Lhamo, who has been a Tibetan Buddhist nun for over 30 years and who is also the secretary of Lama Yeshe the abbot of the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Scotland (featured in the previous episode - I'd recommend listening to that one first if you haven't already). We talk about Ani Lhamo's path from Glaswegian Computer Programmer to Tibetan Buddhist Nun, the importance of training the mind and the importance of the down as well as the up parts of life.  If you enjoy the podcasts then please do support me on Patreon to enable me to continue to create. I first heard the spider story from the fabulous storyteller Janet Goring The music during the intro and outro was made especially for me by the very talented Graeme Walker To find out more about my journey with storytelling and mental health visit the Ministry of Change website You can now also leave me voice mails directly through the Anchor App - if you'd like to share a short story about yourself, some feedback or anything else relating to the show then please do. I'd love to feature some on the show if all goes well. 
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