68 minutes | Mar 16th 2021

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence with William Casebeer and Chad Weiss

From the Golem of Prague, to Frankenstein’s monster, to HAL and the Terminator, literature and film are full of stories of extraordinarily artificially intelligent beings that initially promise a brighter future but in the end tragically turn against their human masters. Beyond the Hollywood lore, what are really the issues? Why is it important now, at this juncture, to study the ethics of artificial intelligence? No less than the future of work, of war, of transportation, of medicine, of manufacturing, in which we are blending two types of intelligences—artificial and human. Join host Daniel Serfaty as he explores the intersection of technology and philosophy to explore the ethics of artificial intelligence with Dr. William Casebeer, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Riverside Research Open Innovation Center, and Mr. Chad Weiss, Senior Research Engineer at Aptima, Inc. 
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