49 minutes | Oct 17, 2019

#7: Emotional Perfectionism

Perfectionism is defined as a "combination of excessively high personal standards and overly-critical self-evaluation." This episode focuses on perfectionist tendencies with emotions. Beliefs such as "I should always be happy," "anxiety is weakness," or "normal people don't feel so low," fuel feelings of frustration, shame, or hopelessness. But common concepts of healthy emotionality is skewed, in favour of positivity and fear of so-called negative emotions. This episode unpacks emotional perfectionism and its various guises (self-oriented, socially prescribed and other-orientated) and offers applicable solutions to move towards a place of acceptance and self-compassion. Resources: Mindfulness for Difficult Emotions (YouTube) Emotions Aren't Problems Needing To Be Solved [Title Music: Monday Morning Wakeup Call by Daniel Birch]
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