75 minutes | Sep 16, 2018

#3: Banishing Winter Blues with Dr. Kelly Rohan

Ricky is joined by Dr. Kelly Rohan, psychologist and leading expert on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Though light therapy is the common treatment for SAD, Kelly's research of SAD-specific Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has proven targeting unhelpful thoughts and challenging habitual behaviour can drastically alleviate symptoms. No longer do any of us have to feel helpless victims to biology and body-clock when summer ends; by working on our thoughts and creating healthy behaviour patterns, it's possible to banish the winter blues. Talking points: - What CBT is and how it combats SAD. - Noting common cognitive distortions contributing to low mood. - Ways to schedule activities to override the habit of hibernation. - How cultural messages can give us a bad impression of winter. - Mindful exercises to override symptoms. - Practical tools you can start using today to make winter fun and enjoyable. (Title music: Monday Morning Wake Up Call by David Birch)
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