64 minutes | Sep 2, 2018

#2: Healing From Heartbreak with David Gandelman

Ricky is joined by David Gandelman, founder of Grounded Mind and co-host of the Energy Matters podcast. David has over 10 years experience dealing with thousands of clients, many of whom have one burning question — how do I heal from heartbreak? In this discussion, Ricky and David explore why heartbreak is so devastating, from a spiritual, psychological and personal perspective. Are rebounds ever a good idea? What happens when we don't take time to heal? Why do we sometimes gravitate to partners not suited to us? Feeling heartbroken and don't know where to begin? This discussion includes practical tools to kick start the healing process, including a guided meditation from David. Talking points include: - Finding gratitude through grief. - The role of forgiveness. - The importance of removing energetic bonds. - How to clear space to heal, recover, and find new love. - Love's healing power. (Title music: Monday Morning Wake Up Call by David Birch)
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