46 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

#03 Bridgette Christiansen, Senior Executive Coach @ amazon talking about her life journey on being a seeker and her take on Mindfulness

Join me today for Episode #3 of a series featuring inspirational leaders sharing their personal and professional journeys. I’m thrilled to announce my beautiful friend Bridgette Christiansen, Senior Executive Coach @amazon as my guest speaker for today’s dialogue from our series on gaining insights and acquiring tools to implement Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in a corporate environment. Define challenges. Determine possibilities. Create opportunities. Tune in to feel inspired by Bridgette’s personal and professional journey being a seeker all her life. Hear how she discovered the path of Mindfulness for herself and learn about how she is navigating challenges and opportunities on implementing Mindfulness to a huge company like amazon with more than 1.2Million employees globally.
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