57 minutes | Mar 9th 2021

The Link Between Food and Perfectionism

We will learn: How to untangle the lies we hold about ourselves How to make peace with shame How to build emotional resilience   What does perfectionism have to do with food?   Perfectionism is the tendency to hold unrealistically high standards. This mindset can carry beyond work or projects. Often perfectionists also bring this mindset into their expectations for their own bodies. It’s also a common trait in people with eating disorders BUT that’s not the only way it manifests.   You may restrict your food or beat yourself up when you don’t adhere to a certain way of eating.  Skipping your workout one day feels like an epic fail. Or maybe you just spend way too much time trying to live up to your own impossibly high standards.   What would it feel like to let all of that go? What would it feel like to feel free and comfortable in your body. To trust your body’s signals and eat from a place of nourishment… to allow yourself the reward of pleasure food without feeling bad about it, knowing that you can have a muffin without eating all the muffins.   Today our guest is Iona Holloway. She is an author, coach, and speaker. She helps women stop shrinking their bodies, worth, and power through vulnerability, creativity, and breathwork. She’s also the author of Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink. Links: Show Notes: mindlove.com/172 Sign up for The Morning Mind Love for short daily notes from your highest self! Get Mind Love Premium for exclusive ad-free episodes and monthly meditations See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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