46 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

Identity and Belonging through Immigration and Family Trauma • PREVIEW

We will learn;

  • How to take bold moves before you have it all figured out
  • How trauma passes down and how to move through it
  • How to push yourself to not just survive but to succeed

Humans have a co-existing need for individuality and belonging.

We want to be our own people, and we want our unique identities to be know, but we also want to fit in and belong.

Now imagine being a refugee… you had no choice but to leave your country… you don’t speak the language well, you already feel displaced, and you end up somewhere that doesn’t exactly make you feel welcome. 

How would that affect you?

How would it change the way you viewed yourself and the world? 

Today’s episode tells the journey of a refugee and how her struggles affected her daughter.

Our guests today are Lan Cao and her daughter Harlan Van Cao. Lan was born in South Vietnam and is now a professor of international economic law and has written two novels. Harlan is a freshman at UCLA. Both just completed a mother-daughter memoir Family in Six Tones.

So for those of you who think you’re too young or too inexperienced to get a publishing deal or to do whatever other big dream you keep talking yourself out of, you’re going to want to hear this.

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