58 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

Identify Your Dream Career

We will learn: How to discover your core skillset The difference between passion and interest How to see yourself beyond your current identity   If you’ve been in  one job or field for years, it might feel like your options are limited.   But with a little introspection, you may realize that your unique skillsets or even the energy you bring to your work may include a lot more possibilities than your mind in allowing you to see right now.   That’s what we’re talking about today: how to discover your direction (whether you’re starting from scratch or making a change) so  you can design your dream career.   You may remember our guest, my good friend Ashley Stahl.   Ashley is a career coach, speaker, and author who is on a mission to help you step into a career you’re excited about and aligned with. She helps people discover their best career path, upgrading their confidence and landing more job offers.   And she has a new book that just released last month called You Turn: You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career Links: Show Notes: mindlove.com/168 Sign up for The Morning Mind Love for short daily notes from your highest self! Get Mind Love Premium for exclusive ad-free episodes and monthly meditations See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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