59 minutes | Apr 6th 2021

Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

We will learn: How to turn obstacles into advantages as a highly sensitive entrepreneur The biggest ways HSEs get in their own way The best energy management techniques for HSEs to thrive   Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? Do you have a low threshold for stimulation; a need for alone time; sensitivity to light, sound, and smell; and an aversion to large groups? These are all characteristics that describe what Dr. Elaine Aron has termed a “Highly Sensitive Person”, or HSP.    HSPs tend to love nature and quiet environments, and they love helping others. Sometimes they might feel like their sensitivities are a weakness, especially living in a society where productivity is often valued over quality.    Today’s episode focuses specifically on entrepreneurs who are highly sensitive. We’ll dive into techniques that will teach you not only how to effectively manage your life as an HSP, but also how to thrive in your career.   Our guest Heather Dominick is the expert on Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs. She has appeared on Lifetime Television and has been published in numerous books including “Stepping Stones to Success” alongside Deepak Chopra.   Links: Show Notes: mindlove.com/176 Sign up for The Morning Mind Love for short daily notes from your highest self! Get Mind Love Premium for exclusive ad-free episodes and monthly meditations See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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