60 minutes | Mar 23rd 2021

Assembling Your Tribe

We will learn: How your self-worth affects your friendships How to get comfortable having necessary conversations to keep your friendships strong and  moving forward A unique formula for building your tribe In the current world of social media and online personalities, the word “friend” can take on so many meanings. But today, when we talk about friendship, we are talking about those deep, meaningful relationships that make life’s challenges easier to bear. Those loving, supportive people who see you for who you really are.   When you think about your closest friends, do you feel like you can be yourself in front of them? Do you feel uplifted by them or judged by them? Can you share your deepest concerns with them, or does your connection feel more superficial?  It is scientifically proven that the quality of our friendships impacts our health. If those closest to us affect us so deeply, we should be picky about who we share our energy and time with.  That’s what we’re talking about today. Our guest is Leah Dean. She is a leadership coach and the author of “Assemble the Tribe”.  She helps women unleash their unique value, redefine their tribes and reimagine how they show up in the world.   Links: Show Notes: mindlove.com/174 Sign up for The Morning Mind Love for short daily notes from your highest self! Get Mind Love Premium for exclusive ad-free episodes and monthly meditations  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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