28 minutes | Feb 15, 2023

Unwinding Anxiety, with Dr. Jud Brewer

Worrying can give us the illusion of control or taking useful action, making it normal to mistake worrying for a helpful means of soothing our anxiety. This can lead us to repeat this behavior so much that it becomes a habit. So, when anxiety becomes a habit, how do we break free?  

In this episode, we hear from best-selling author, researcher and psychiatrist Dr. Jud Brewer. He has developed a clinically-proven, step-by-step process to help us break free from the cycle of worry and fear that feeds back into anxiety. Mindfulness is a core part of this process that involves working with the brain’s reward system.

Learn why habit change starts with awareness, and how understanding how your mind works can help you live with greater calm and ease.  

This talk is a brief excerpt from Dr. Jud’s guest teacher presentation to those enrolled in the Mindfulness Exercises Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program. This unique, online, self-paced certification program balances pre-recorded webinars with live mentorship. Students in the program learn directly from Sean Fargo, his team, and some of the world’s most respected mindfulness and meditation experts. 

Train to share mindfulness with confidence, compassion and skill within a supportive online community. Learn more at mindfulnessexercises.com/certify or, schedule a 15-minute call with Sean to see if this program is right for you at https://calendly.com/sean-108/application

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