29 minutes | Jan 11, 2023

Mindfulness While Sleeping, with Andrew Holecek

Mindfulness and meditation practice is not limited to day-time hours. In fact, being awake is not necessary at all. There are at least five types of meditation we can do while we are sleeping that benefit both body and mind. These nocturnal meditations have been practiced for thousands of years to help us shed light on the darkest parts of our unconscious, and in the process, enlighten us.

In this episode, we hear from author and spiritual teacher Andrew Holecek about these subtle, advanced nighttime practices, which anyone can learn to do. Andrew Holecek teaches worldwide on meditation, lucid dreaming, and Buddhist death preparation practices. His books include “Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming” and “Dreams of Light: The Profound Daytime Practice of Lucid Dreaming.” 

Learn how nighttime mindfulness can enhance your day-time experience by introducing lucidity into previously unconscious moments.   

This talk is a brief excerpt from Andrew Holecek’s guest teacher presentation to those enrolled in the Mindfulness Exercises Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program. This unique, online, self-paced certification program balances pre-recorded webinars with live mentorship. Students in the program learn directly from Sean Fargo, his team, and some of the world’s most respected mindfulness and meditation experts. 

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