28 minutes | Feb 22, 2023

Loving-Kindness Practice, with Sean Fargo

Do you feel you have empathy and compassion for all living beings? What about those you can’t seem to get along with? And does your compassion extend to yourself?

The non-judgmental attitude of mindfulness practice is not to be confused with avoidance or non-caring. Rather, mindfulness encourages the cultivation of empathy, loving-kindness and compassion. One way to do this is with loving-kindness, or metta, meditation. 

In this episode, Sean Fargo, shares his personal experience with this compassion practice and offers practical advice to those who are practicing, or teaching, these heart-opening meditations. 

Sean Fargo is a former Buddhist monk has taught mindfulness and meditation to individuals, corporations, health and government organizations, prisons, and hospitals around the world. His website, Mindfulness Exercises, has shared free and premium mindfulness resources with over 20 million people worldwide.

This talk is a compilation of Sean Fargo’s teachings to those enrolled in his Mindfulness Exercises Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program. This unique, online, self-paced certification program balances pre-recorded webinars with live mentorship. Students in the program learn directly from Sean Fargo, his team, and some of the world’s most respected mindfulness and meditation experts. 

Train to share mindfulness with confidence, compassion and skill within a supportive online community. Learn more at mindfulnessexercises.com/certify or, schedule a 15-minute call with Sean to see if this program is right for you at https://calendly.com/sean-108/application

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