3 minutes | Jan 4, 2023

Exploring Fatigue During Meditation, with Sean Fargo

When fatigue arises in meditation, we typically have an adverse reaction or make attempts to overcome it. After all, tiredness is among the classic 5 hindrances to our practice. But when we cannot avoid fatigue during meditation, there are other ways to work with it. In fact, meditating while tired can sometimes be conducive to a more relaxed, focused state of mind.

In this episode, Mindfulness Exercises founder Sean Fargo offers practical suggestions for working with fatigue in our meditation practice.

Sean Fargo is the founder of Mindfulness Exercises and the lead teacher for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program. This unique, self-paced program is internationally accredited and accessible entirely online. Students in the program receive live, in-person mentorship from Sean Fargo and his team weekly. They are joined by the world’s most respected mindfulness and meditation teachers who present on a wide range of topics. 

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