40 minutes | Mar 14, 2019

EP 14 "The Institutional Co-opting of…" - The Muppets With Mark Beall (Part 2 of 2)

In the second half of our discussion we talk about selling The Muppets to Disney, the short-lived 2015 sitcom, Steve Whitmire's exit, not projecting your own interests onto your kids, why movie theaters are magic and close things out with the speedround where I learn facts about Big Bird in the most awkward way imaginable! Show links: www.twitter.com/mindfulselfpod  www.twitter.com/dellismulligan  Guest Links: www.retrogradeorbitradio.com Mindful Self Indulgence is hosted, produced and recorded by Dan Ellis. Music for every episode is also written, performed and recorded by Dan Ellis.
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