96 minutes | Dec 30, 2018

EP 10 "Rad AF Spin Kick"- The Lost FLCL Episode with Angus Henderson

It's the fabled lost FLCL episode! Due to some unfortunate audio issues the planned January episode couldn't be posted so I reached into our archives and figured it would be a good time to share this one. Resident good friend Gus comes back to talk about FLCL, Toonami and late 90s early 00s anime in the west, The Pillows are great, Gus' double puberty, identity and filling someone else's shoes, rad AF spin kicks, how Ninamori and Naota both perform maturity, those eyebrows, episode 4 got dark there for a minute, "You titty touchin?", Naota becomes his own person (and sometimes that person is a dick), the gunslinger robot and hands in anime, "Isn't that too obvious?", fun facts that aren't that fun, and wants and needs interacting in complicated ways. Also mentioned in this episode: Fullmetal Alchemist Teenagers From Outerspace Mindful Self Indulgence is hosted, produced and recorded by Dan Ellis. Intro and Outro music on every episode is also by written, performed and recorded by Dan Ellis.
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