12 minutes | Aug 16, 2020

10 Min Guided Tree Visualization for Grounding

Enjoy this a tree meditation to feel grounded and uplifted. The Tree Meditation for centering and grounding is a way to enhance your connection with nature and experience the scientific benefits of green exercise. Through meditation and visualization, you can enjoy a virtual nature experience and enjoy natural stress reduction, peace and inner calm. In this 10 minute guided tree meditation for calming, you will visualize the qualities that you share with trees and feel refreshed, more centered and grounded. This guided tree visualization for grounding invites you to imagine a favorite tree from memory. I'm a health educator who worked at Stanford University School of Medicine for 15 years and I offer insights into research on benefits of Green Exercise. Read my blog post here: https://www.shirleyarcher.com/health-... If you want to create more calm in your life, check out my free guide, The Power of the Pause. click here: https://www.shirleyarcher.com/eguides... Like my channel? Subscribe! (click on green SA dot on video) or go to http://bit.ly/2t7Mj5m As an integrative health leader, blogger and mindful meditation teacher, I post new videos each week featuring mindful and natural ways to help you look and feel more energetic, healthier, happier—naturally to help you live younger, longer. Please leave comments or requests for tips to help you with your biggest challenges to reach your wellness and happiness goals. For your free e-guide with more tips on why taking quick 5 minute breaks is good for your health and happiness, click here: http://bit.ly/2vAvtMS Follow me here too: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shirleyarcher/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/shirleyarcher Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/shirley_arc... Tumblr: http://shirleyarcher.tumblr.com/ The Tree Meditation for Centering and Grounding helps to improve your ability to be more mindful. If you want to learn more about what mindfulness is, watch this video here: http://bit.ly/2v6km35
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