55 minutes | Jul 3, 2021

S2E3 - Understanding Narcissism

In this week's episode,  sister Anika Munshi, founder of Sukoon circles and Rahman Designs, generously graced us with her online presence and shared her wealth of knowledge on what narcissism is. We touched on topics such as the defination of narcissism, examples from the noble Quran on people who were narcissist, how does narcissism present itself in the dating world, is there a different between arrogance and narcissism or are they interchangeable, etc. Are narcissists bad people. Anika believes that the word narcissism is fundamentally flawed. Tune in to find out more of Anika shares as it relates to narcissism. All relevant links and resources will be provided in the Show Notes. Enjoy! Thank you, and God bless you all! And, remember to treat each other with kindness.
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