52 minutes | Sep 18th 2020

Ep. 107 – Guest David Hunt: CEO & Founder of Hyperion Executive Search

In this episode, Sully talks to David Hunt, international recruiter and CEO of Hyperion Executive Search. David has spent the last 11 years laser-focused on the renewable energy space and has become the world's best finder of talent. But David and Hyperion are so much more; tune in to better understand how your energy is going to be generated, used and stored. The Green economy is booming and you can be part of it. Learn more about David and Hyperion: Websites: hyperionsearch.com DavidHunt.co Social Media: Facebook: @DavidHuntCleantechGuide Instagram: @davidhuntcleantech Twitter: @DavidHsearch LinkedIn: David Hunt Connect with Scott!  Scott's Website: https://www.scottsullivan.biz Social Media: FollowFollowFollowFollow See all "Mind Your Own Business" episodes
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