62 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

Ep. 106 – Guest Chad Peterson: CEO of Peterson Acquisitions

Are you ready to sell your business, grow your business, transition your business or start a business? Then you need to tune into this episode of Mind Your Own Business as Scott Sullivan spends time with Chad Peterson, the CEO of Peterson Acquisitions. The golden nuggets of success that come from this episode will have a positive impact on your business for years to come. Invest in this episode today! Connect with Chad and Peterson Acquisitions: Website: www.petersonacquisitions.com Social Media: Facebook: @chadpetersonshow Twitter:  @Chadpetersonpod and @Acquisitions_KC  LinkedIn: Peterson Acquisitions YouTube: Peterson Acquisitions Connect with Scott!  Scott's Website: https://www.scottsullivan.biz Social Media: FollowFollowFollowFollow See all "Mind Your Own Business" episodes
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