41 minutes | May 25, 2021

Debra Pickett: the power of authentic self-advocacy and going from journalist to entrepreneur

Not only the first woman to have her own opinion column in the Chicago Sun-Times, one of America's top newspapers, but Debra Pickett also managed to snag the role a few years after her undergrad. But Debra's early success came from an important realization:  Doing “good work” is not enough-- there is a crucial aspect of self-promotion, says award-winning television and print journalist. Debra explains how to authentically self-promote through recognizing your self-worth, something many of us forget to do all too often. In the rooms where decisions happen, her sense of self-worth represents not just her but all the people who look like her and don't have a spot in the room. Listen in to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose and discover the tips ceiling breakers have used to find success. Quotes We Keep In Mind"I've been lucky enough to do that [break ceilings] a couple of times in my career.""You have that added responsibility for being at the top of your game and delivering excellence because it's not just coming from me, but it's coming from me, as a representative of someone who's different from them.""You know that's the life lesson: You're not going to be number one at everything. But you can find something, and you can find that track if you just dig into it."MIND THE CEILING LINKEDIN COMMUNITY: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mindtheceilingMIND THE CEILING  INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mindtheceilingMIND THE CEILING SHOWNOTES: http://mindtheceiling.comSeason 2 of Mind the Ceiling!This season features incredibly candid conversations on making hard choices that lead to a more equitable workplace, building the world you want to live in, and jumping out of planes for justice.I am honored to have had the chance to chat with these fearless womxn on how they are charting new paths, leading organizations, and fearlessly doing it with passion and purpose.If you need to catch up on season 1, you can listen now!
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