66 minutes | Feb 1st 2021

MPP129: The Podcaster Slap Challenge

Up until now, there was only one place for fun in your life. That’s right, the reigning champion of fun places, the Mall of America. And I get it – you can shop ‘til you drop, get shrimpin’ at the Bubba Gump Shrimpery, and ride a rollercoaster. Not just all in one day… all under one roof! But now, there’s a second place for fun in your life, a place that’s arguably even more fun… wherever you listen to Mind Poison! This one is Off The Charts Fun, I’ll tell you that. In this episode the boys discuss Fried Cheese foods and discover Professional Slap Fighting. Plus, Jesse recounts his birthday visit to the MOA, and Mark has Aaron Rodgers all figured out.
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