74 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

MPP126: There Should Be More Alans.

What’s up Mind Poison Universe? How about that Big Game – and how about those commercials! My sides and knees hurt from being split and slapped. And the ones that told us that these are hard times, but we’re all in this together, and the company is good because they reminded us of that fact? I got kind of emotional at those, I gotta say. Don’t wanna cry around the boys, but still… Anyways, hope you got some tasty apps in your belly and no one got food poisoning (or worse!) at the big party. Here we go, more Mind Poison coming at ya – Mark and Jesse present a barn burner this week as they discuss Click-Bait Ads, Police Sketches, and How Many Baseball Caps is Too Many. Happy Palentines Day, all you pals out there!
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